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Welcome to the Gateway City of Pomerode
Prefeito Municipal de Pomerode
Filiação Partidária : DEM (Democratas)
Contato : prefeito@pomerode.sc.gov.brbr
Vice Prefeito Municipal de Pomerode
Filiação Partidária : PSDB
Contato : vice-prefeita@pomerode.sc.gov.br
Pomerode Brasão 50 anos Brasão do Município Bandeira do Município Hino Politica
Pomerode, in early colonial era known as the Village of Rio Testo later Testo River District and as the district headquarters town of Rio do Testo integrating large colony Blumenau. The name derives from Pommeroda Pomeroy, a name formed by Stream and Stream Streams Rauchmann Saco Pomerode Funds, a tributary of the River Test near the city center. Today this river is also called Ribeirão Pomeroy.

Pomeroy * The name is on the origin of its founders, immigrants from Pomerania (Pommern), northern Germany. Literally it is the junction of the stem and the verb rodern Pommern, German verb which means to take the stumps, make the land suitable for agriculture.

The early colonization of Pomeroy dates back to 1863 when the first immigrants, led by the colonizer Ferdinand Hackrath, decided to climb a tributary of the Rio Itajai-Acu, from the region where today is located the district Badenfurt . Trails were open throughout the course of the river was called Rio do Testo.

The colonization of the area was a strategy to strengthen trade between the Colony of Dona Francisca, Joinville current region, and the colony of Blumenau, a plot of land where the Pomeroy were integrated. The divisions of the Colonies were defined by the Company Settlers Dr Hermann Otto Blumenau, founder of the city of Blumenau.

Early Pomeroy immigrants settled along the Rio do Testo system by small farms (small farms ), where they were cultivated rice, tobacco, potatoes, cassava, sugar cane, corn and beans. The settler also was devoted to dairy farming and pig, where cows came from Europe.

The first buildings were rustic buildings of wattle and daub, covered with palm leaves. In 1870, the first German school was installed in the neighborhood Testo Central (now Middle School Municipal Olavo Bilac).

Until the turn of the century, Pomeroy was a colony focused only on subsistence agriculture and livestock, with small commercial sites in the central areas of the colony. With the turn of the century, small family dairy, cold cuts, furniture and ceramics began the industrialization of the city.

Years later, the porcelain industry has become one of the most important for the local economy . Today the city is considered a strong point textile and metal-mechanic.

Broken down in Blumenau Jan. 21, 1959, Pomeroy continues today the charm of a small community with a strong German influence in their customs.


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Prefeitura Municipal de Pomerode
Rua 15 de Novembro, 525 - Centro
Horário de funcionamento: 7h30 às 11h30 / 13h00 às 17h00.
CEP 89107-000 Pomerode - Santa Catarina
Fone. 47 - 3387.7200